Recycling / Spring Cleaning

I recently went through and organized all the "stuff" I've been collecting.   I've been saving these vintage papers and photos - for what? That perfect piece of art?  I remember my grandmother used to put her birthday and Christmas presents in a drawer because they were "too nice" to just start wearing them, so she was saving them.  I used to think she was nuts.  I guess I get it now - ha!  So, I've decided to start using them up and have been working on some compositional studies.  These are photos I've bought - not family members - and maybe the studies will lead to doing some journals with my family photos.
These were done in a spiral sketchbook and I glued two pages together throughout the books to make the pages sturdier.  The first two and the last two are on facing pages.  The woman in the first collage is from Somerset Studios magazine (one of the "free" artist papers in the center) and the group of girls in the last collage are from Lisa's Altered Art.

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