A Little of this, A Little of that

These collages have nothing to do with each other - just some random things I've been working on.
Some of the elements are from Tangie Baxter and Lisa's Altered Art.
The damsel is from Paper Whimsy and the rest is from Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Caravan 2012.
The photo of NYC is one I took a couple years ago and this is an old family photo with a few elements from Deviant Scrap kits.


Recycling / Spring Cleaning

I recently went through and organized all the "stuff" I've been collecting.   I've been saving these vintage papers and photos - for what? That perfect piece of art?  I remember my grandmother used to put her birthday and Christmas presents in a drawer because they were "too nice" to just start wearing them, so she was saving them.  I used to think she was nuts.  I guess I get it now - ha!  So, I've decided to start using them up and have been working on some compositional studies.  These are photos I've bought - not family members - and maybe the studies will lead to doing some journals with my family photos.
These were done in a spiral sketchbook and I glued two pages together throughout the books to make the pages sturdier.  The first two and the last two are on facing pages.  The woman in the first collage is from Somerset Studios magazine (one of the "free" artist papers in the center) and the group of girls in the last collage are from Lisa's Altered Art.


Royal Poses

I'm getting a little braver with PSE, but am no where near where I want to be.  These collages used elements from Paper Whimsy, Jessica Sprague and Tangie Baxter.  I adjusted the colors on some of the elements and played around with the opacity on some of the layers.


A few new collages

Three collages using elements from Tangie Baxter's Caravan, Deviant Scrap and Splendid Fiins with vintage photos of mine.

These are two small journal pages (5"x8") using elements from Paper Whimsy, Tangie Baxter, and Deviant Scrap.

Another journal page using elements from Tangie Baxter's Tangible Plans.


Two Days in a Row

I recently ordered a couple kits from Deviant Scrap with an Alice in Wonderland theme and am playing around with using some of the same elements but trying to give each one a different feel.


Time Flies

I've been busy working and not posting.  I took Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling but wasn't too good at keeping up with the lessons.  Her classes are wonderful though and soon I'll have time to go back and catch up on this and other classes.
A friend from work asked me to do a gallery show at the Oak Park Police Department, so that took up most of the last few months.
I've become really interested in journaling and I can't quite figure out why - I'm not one to write (or talk) about my personal thoughts/issues to the whole world, but something about it is pulling me in.
So, I've done some journal pages - just the backgrounds.  I did these using kits from Deviant Scrap and Photoshop Elements and the plan is to print them out and bind them in a book and then write in it.  Maybe.
I did the collages with the idea that they pages would sit next to each other when the book is open, so I wanted to use similar elements, but have the pages look a little different.