Time Flies

I've been busy working and not posting.  I took Jessica Sprague's Digital Art Journaling but wasn't too good at keeping up with the lessons.  Her classes are wonderful though and soon I'll have time to go back and catch up on this and other classes.
A friend from work asked me to do a gallery show at the Oak Park Police Department, so that took up most of the last few months.
I've become really interested in journaling and I can't quite figure out why - I'm not one to write (or talk) about my personal thoughts/issues to the whole world, but something about it is pulling me in.
So, I've done some journal pages - just the backgrounds.  I did these using kits from Deviant Scrap and Photoshop Elements and the plan is to print them out and bind them in a book and then write in it.  Maybe.
I did the collages with the idea that they pages would sit next to each other when the book is open, so I wanted to use similar elements, but have the pages look a little different.

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