Three Generations

Three generations - my mom, grandmother and great grandmother.


Home Land

I just came back from 10 days in Ireland - my first trip.  My paternal grandmother was born in Fauleens, County Mayo.  My maternal grandmother was born in Tullamore and grandfather in Dublin.  We were able to see the land that belonged to my grandmothers family.  The house has since been torn down but some of the stones from the wall and fence remain.  We were lucky enough to catch the parish priest at home and he looked up birth records for her and most of her siblings and parents.  I tried to imagine her running through the fields, through the forest, and up and down the hills as a kid.  Somehow I don't think it was as idyllic as I imagined.

I'm just starting to organize my photos, but here are some of the highlights.
Cliffs of Moher



Sheep. Everywhere.