5/27/11 A Few More Digital Pieces

I've bought some more digital elements from Paper Whimsy, Deviant Scrap, and Itkupilli's Etsy shop.
So, these collages are combinations of some of the elements.  Next thing I have to do is figure out drop shadows.  I think they're easy, just beyond me right now.
The elements and background are from Deviant Scrap Digital Kits and the figure is from an Itkupilli collage sheet.

Antelopes, butterflies, girl and vine are from Paper Whimsy.  Grunge Brush Kit from Scrap Girls and background is two different patterned papers I scanned in and adjusted opacity on.

Background and elements are from a Deviant Scrap Digital Kit and the figures are from an Itkupilli collage sheet.

Elements and figure are from Paper Whimsy, the background is made of two different patterned papers that I scanned in and adjusted the opacity on, and the green vine is from a Deviant Scrap Digital Kit.


5/5/11 Deviant Scrap Digital

I ordered some digital kits from Deviant Scrap and have been playing around with the elements and some photos of my nieces and nephews.  I'm getting the hang of layers, but there's no subtleties here yet.  I need to figure out shadows, feathered edges, color changes/corrections and a whole lot more.