These images and background paper are also part of the Tangie Baxter's Caravan 2013 .  I spent a fair amount of time adding things even though part of me felt it didn't need anything else.  Was it too simple?  In the end, I decided to go with my first reaction and leave it alone.  The quote (flipped backwards) is "Art is never finished, only abandoned"
Some of these images are also from Tangie's Caravan 2013.  (the map piece and the gel transfer of a DaVinci painting) This months Port of Call is Italy. The photo  of the Duomo is from an old book and an olive tree from a kit called Tuscan Sun through Deviant Scrap.


My Home is My Castle swap

Marion Bockelmann is having her annual swap and the theme is "My Home is my Castle"
Having just returned from Italy, and wanting to go back, that was my inspiration.


We just got back from Italy - first time to Europe and it was amazing!


Port of Call: Africa

It's a new month and the port of call for April is Africa - if you're on the Tangie Baxter Caravan.


Journal Pages

I'm making some journal pages but haven't actually written anything on them yet.  


Elements from Paper Whimsy, Deviant Scrap and Tangie Baxter (Scrapbook Graphics)



The third Port of Call in Tangie Baxter's Art Journal Caravan is Japan.


Art Journal Caravan - France

This month the Port of Call is France.  I've started with the quote and a few general pages relating to  France.


Art Journal Caravan

Each week part of the inspirations for the Art Journal Caravan with Tangie Baxter is working with a Poetic License list where you get a set of numbers each week, match them up with the words and then use them in a collage.  This month's theme is the British Isles.


A number of collages

Two studies using brushes from Tangie Baxter and words from Collage Stuff, butterfly from Deviant Scrap.

I signed up for the Art Journal Caravan 2013 with Tangie Baxter and there are different Ports of Call each month - the first is the British Isles.  Each month has the inspirational categories of Famous People, Folklore and Fairy Tales, Proverbial Wisdom, and Native Animals.  These are the pages I've done so far..... 
Some of the elements are from Tangie Baxter and some form Deviant Scrap.