3/13/11 The Weekends are Never Long Enough

I thought I'd get more done this weekend- I'm taking the Artful Pages class and this week was led by Lenna Andrews and focused on altered books.  I cut some pages out, attached pages together to make them  thicker and started painting.  The book was titled Five Days in Paris and I decided to use gold and blue paint which I applied without much thought for the first layer - I just wanted to cover the pages.  I remembered a book of black and white photographs of Paris that I had so I started cutting that up and also went through some images from Artchix Studio that I had.  I took about 50 pages at the end of the book and glued them together at the edges and when that dried I cut a rectangle out of the middle of the page.  I'm still looking for a few charms or metal pieces to put into this niche but right now there's just some images.  Below is a photo of the open book and then a close up of the page with the niche.
This was fun and the directions were great  - Lenna has a way of making everything seem easy.  She gives lots of options and lots of techniques to try.  I'm hoping to work on more pages this week - maybe a little glitter will find it's way into this book..........

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