2/26/11 Online Classes

I'm taking two  online classes this month and one in March.  The first is Artful Pages: Four Artists Four Ways and the first week was taught by Mary Green and was all about vintage gluebooks - here's my first page.  The course is really well done - the instructions are clear and there is a ton of information and resources given.  In the next three weeks there will be sections of this course taught by Hope Wallace Karney, Lisa Mc Ilvain and Lenna Andrews.
The other course I'm taking is Mouse, Paper, Scissors through Jessica Sprague.  Its about using digital elements along with actual paper for collage work.  The first thing we made was a cover for a 5x8 legal pad using a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper and ribbon.
I'm also taking another online class by Carol Murphy of Altered by Design titled The Dance starting in March.

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