I seem to have a love/hate relationship with art journaling.  I love the idea of it and am inspired to look at people's journals.  I hate to actually do it.  Well, not all of it - just the writing (journaling) part.  I like buying the sketchbook or journal, cutting out images or playing around on the computer to make blank pages to start with.  But that's as far as I seem to get.  I don't like putting my thoughts down on paper and I'm sure there's some deep psychosis behind this, but it's definitely a pattern.
Which leads me to this post.  I went to Italy last year and decided to take some of my photos and make some "blank" pages (yet again) to see if it pushes me to print them out and start writing.  I even went so far as to keep a similar feel to the pages, leaving plenty of room to write, but somehow I'm not overly optimistic..............

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