3/29/10 Not Much to Tell

Well, the last couple weeks have kind of flown by - and I haven't done a whole lot of artwork.  These images are from a Chunky Book Swap - the pages are 4.5" x 4" and are made for a specific person with the subject matter they wanted in their book. (angels, architecture)
I used a combination of found images, rubber stamping, marker and rub-on overlays.

I also started a digital photography class through Jessica Sprague's website and so far it's really good.  This one is taught by Candace Stringham - you get a lot of information in written form, video and audio. The first week dealt with Shutter Speed / how to set them / why you change them / different effects you get and why.  There's a Technical Assignment, a Creative Assignment and a Friday "Field Trip" along with emails five days a week.  You submit your photos and Candace sends written and audio comments back to you.
This week is about Depth of Field and it's a little confusing.  We'll see.....

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