2/19/10 BEGIN Again

I bought a sketch book the other day - not that I need another one - but the color was beautiful and it said "Begin" - I couldn't resist.
There are times when an inspirational word or quote just makes me roll my eyes - are people really moved by this stuff?   Do we really need to be slapped in the face by the obvious even if it is adorned with flowers and scrolls and ethereal colors?  Well, yes.  Because there are days like the one where I found this sketchbook titled "Begin" that it spoke to me.  I didn't roll my eyes or shake my head - at that moment it just made sense.  
This blog started out with the realization that I was done making excuses and just had to begin it.  Of course now I need a schedule and have to make sure I have work to show on a weekly basis.  I'd also like to show process sometimes.  I have five sisters who have all said if they could draw like me, they would do it every day.  So, that's what this sketchbook will be used for - an image a day - a sketch, a photo or a collage.  And there's an added bonus for me - now I can blame my sisters if this doesn't work out!

www.alphastamps.com has a challenge I'm working on- the Venetian Fan-Shaped Book Swap.  There are a lot of Venetian and carnival themed collage sheets and embellishments to chose from - I made color copies of the sheets I bought and cut out the template for the fans.  (I'm using The Secret, Pierrette, Windows of Venice, Masked, Botanicabella Collection sheets, and Brocade collage sheets/papers).  Sometimes I find it easier to use the color copies to find combinations that might work - to get a sense of the background and a few elements.  I've always felt that if the start or foundation isn't good then it makes the rest a lot harder.   Embellishments are nice, but they have to be on something solid.  So tomorrow I'll' be making some initial combinations and posting them.  We'll see what happens.

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  1. Boy, I just read this post and when I got to the paragraph that starts "There are times when an inspirational word", I actually rolled my eyes and thought, oh no, she's losing it, that's so not Lynda, until I read the rest of the sentence. It's absolutely true too that if I could draw like you, I WOULD do it every day. You have nothing to fear, you definitely have the gift. Now, begin!